Photoshop Urdu Tutorials


    E-Madresa Photoshop Urdu Tutorials are all about giving you more power on Photoshop Tools. These tutorials are design to learn some basic but very expert and important things for Photoshop cs3, cs4, cs5, cs6,. We are trying our best to let you work on many projects which you can see only on web and wish to design graphic like that. Hop you are learning great and important things from us.

    Adobe Photoshop Urdu Tutorials ( Expert Tutorials )

    59Designing Web Button 58Cropping Smoke 57Designing XP Wallpaper
    56Clean Face in Photoshop 55Designing Photoshop Brushes 54Picture Effect in Photoshop
    53Master Selection in Photoshop 52Saving Set in Photoshop 51Designing web Graphic
    50Color Tattoo in Photoshop 49Day to Night in Photoshop 48Designing E Card Part 1
    47Designing E Card Part 2 46Designing Wallpaper 45Designing Picture Effect
    44Designing Wallpaper 43Designing Picture Effect 42Selecting &Cropping Hair
    41Picture Effect in Photoshop 40Smart Object in Photoshop 39Picture Effect in Photoshop
    38Movie Poster in Photoshop 37Coloring Clothes in Photoshop 36Picture Effect in Photoshop
    35Wallpaper in Photoshop 33Writing Urdu in Photoshop 1 33Writing Urdu in Photoshop 2
    32Designing Cricket Wallpaper Background 31Designing Cricket Wallpaper Lights 30Text on Path in Photoshop


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